About me

I’m Victor Labigar, a front-end web developer who also has some affinity with design based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I've been building and designing stuff on the web for the last 8 years and I have been working with various clients on big and small projects. Mostly as an employee at Saxum but also with my own company StudioViq (which btw is currently not online).

My focus is on creating engaging, accessible & performant interfaces for humans.


When I'm not behind my computer writing some code or reading about code, I enjoy spending time with my family, watch some movies or series and listen to some music. Going out to a dancefestival or a pub and grab some beers with friends is always a good excuse to get some distraction.


I always wanted to write some articles about web development, the kind of things I've bumped up onto in my road to become a (better) developer, and to challenge myself to publicly share my own content. I like to see this as some kind of my personal reference place where I can document the things that I'm learning and keep growing in many different ways. But if it helps you, to achieve whatever that is you're looking for, then it's a win-win situation right? :) Feel free to send a message btw.


I work at Saxum, in Amsterdam as Front end developer consultant. It's a company that dispatch dev consultants to other companies.


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